Our Erasmus KA2 project team (part 2)

Profiles of two more of the people on our Erasmus KA2 project team

Name: Vesna Bakota

Nationality: Australian/Croatian

Position: Principal Jantar – International House Split

Hobbies: travelling, gardening, DIY projects

Why I joined this project…

Born and raised on an orchard and vineyard in Australia I was most fortunate to enjoy fresh produce from our huge farming estate. An abundance of homegrown fruit and vegetables were just a hand pick away. Even back then our small rural community was very conscious of environmental issues and sustainability. Recycling everything from containers to clothes, solar panels on roof tops, to the compost tumbler in the backyard.

So, when I came to Spit, Croatia in1995 I was shocked and surprised to discover that such practices were non-existent. The majority of the local community seemed oblivious to the importance of environmental issues. Furthermore, very little time and effort was devoted to these issues in the school curriculum.

Therefore, I am proud to be a part of this long awaited and innovative project. As an educator and responsible global citizen, I feel that GSS gives me the opportunity to ensure that school children and the general public are informed and made aware of ways to become more environmentally sustainable and thus take responsibility for their actions.



Name: Rupert Locke

Nationality: British

Position: Teacher - International House Galway

Hobbies: reading, writing, cooking

Why I joined this project…

Although I now live in the UK, I spent much of the past decade in Sicily.  My wife is Sicilian, her family back home live off the land and through spending time with them I have witnessed some of the devastating effects of climate change (e.g. extreme temperatures, water shortages and crop failures).  It’s largely been this exposure that has encouraged me to take sustainability seriously and to do my part to ensure that I’m aware of how my actions affect my environment.  At home I have changed my diet to reduce the amount of meat I consume, I try to reduce the amount of plastic I use and I am passionate about recycling.  I also try to use public transport wherever possible.

I consider being part of the Green Standard Schools project a privilege.  I believe that teachers in the language classroom have a real opportunity to mould the behaviours and practices of their students and help them to bring about real change in their communities, and it’s exciting to be a part of that.