Guiding language schools towards a greener future

Green Standard Schools is a global, not-for-profit association of language schools that are seriously committed to protecting the environment.

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Recognising schools that care about the environment

We award accreditation to providers of language education that can demonstrate that they maintain high environmental standards.

Registration and self-assessment

Once you have registered your school on our platform you will be invited to fill out a self-assessment questionnaire asking you about your school’s current environmental policies and practices.

What are the advantages for schools?

You’ll be making a serious and verifiable contribution to environmental sustainability

The image and reputation of your school will be significantly enhanced, helping you recruit more students

You may find it easier to recruit and retain staff

You will become a member of a growing community of like-minded schools

You will have access to a range of digital teaching resources on a tailor-made platform

You will have access to specialist sustainability assessors

By reducing your consumption of energy, water, paper, and so on, you should be able to save some money

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