Flabellina Affinis

Now getting the attention it deserves, thanks to GSS member Jantar IH Split

Flabellina Affinis is a violet coloured sea slug, around 12 mm in length, that feeds on hydroids (a life stage of hydroza, which are tiny predators related to jellyfish). This tiny creature is an important part of the marine ecosystem, but its existence is now endangered, especially in the Adriatic, as its natural habitat is being degraded, or converted into marinas, docks and walkways. 

Green Standard Schools member Jantar-IH Split, working in collaboration with WWF Adria, has highlighted the disappearance of Flabellina Affinis by painting a huge mural on the wall of the school building, right beside the school entrance. Symbolically the mural covers some 300 square metres of concrete!

Now everyone who passes anywhere near the school will discover Flabellina Affinis and perhaps contribute in some way towards this precious creature's survival.