Build Back Greener

Now is the time ...

Thanks to the brilliance of our scientists, the super-human efforts of our front-line workers, and the collaboration of the vast majority of the rest of us, we can finally see some light at the end of the long, dark Covid-19 tunnel that has dominated our lives for the past year or so. But what happens next? Is it simply a case of back to life as we knew it pre-pandemic? Or should we use this opportunity to make some much needed changes to the way we live and work and interact with our planet? As a great many clever people keep saying, environmental sustainability is a much deeper emergency than Covid 19, and there is no vaccine.

Green Standard Schools is a not-for-profit association that has been established in order to encourage the adoption of rigorous environmental standards across the language teaching sector.

Our aims are:

  • To lessen the impact that language teaching has on the environment by developing a set of policies and practices that language teaching institutions and their stakeholders can adopt and adhere to.
  • To award accreditation against these policies and practices to providers of language education everywhere.
  • To develop resources designed to encourage environmental sustainability in language teaching and learning, and offer training and support in the application of these resources.

We invite language schools everywhere to work their way through our application process and see how close they are to meeting the environmental standards we have set. We will provide feedback on every application received, and we are happy to do this free of charge. We only invoice schools once they have demonstrated that they are eligible for accreditation and then agree to become a Green Standard Schools member.

Accreditation will definitely benefit the environment, but it should also benefit schools. Apart from saving money by reducing some costs, schools should also find that being able to demonstrate a verifiable commitment to environmental sustainability is good for business.  

To learn more about the association and find out how your language teaching institution can become a Green Standard School, check out the details on our website. You can also write to us at