Seagrass posters

Designed for classroom use

Seagrass meadows are an exceptionally valuable natural resource. They trap carbon from the atmosphere, helping to alleviate the impact of global warming; they provide food and shelter to thousands of species of fish, invertebrates, mammals and reptiles; their leaves help purify water, reducing pollutants; and their extensive root systems help stabilise coastlines.

Sadly, since the late 19th century over 20% of global seagrass meadows have been lost due to factors such as pollution, bottom trawling, dredging and the increasing impact of climate change.

Project Seagrass is an environmental charity that was established with the aim of conserving and restoring seagrass meadows globally.

With the support of some of our accredited members, Green Standard Schools has helped Project Seagrass produce some informative posters, designed for classroom use, in the following 8 languages.

English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Greek, Polish, Croatian.

This project, which was coordinated by GSS member Languages United also involved the following GSS member schools:

French in Normandy

CLIC IH Seville

Humboldt Institute

Scuola Leonardo Da Vince Milano

Varelastudies Foreign Language School

Jantar IH Split

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved for their enthusiastic support.

Download and share the seagrass posters free of charge from this website 

We hope they will help raise awareness of the risks facing our seagrass meadows and will lead to further support for the invaluable work being carried out by the Project Seagrass team.