Lesson plans that focus on environmental issues

Now available for GSS members

One of the aims of Green Standard Schools is to provide our members with access to study materials that focus on environmental issues. To this end we have recruited Owain Llewellyn to provide some lesson plans for us. Owain is probably best known for the teacher training courses he runs through his website ELTSustainable, which are highly recommended  - see https://eltsustainable com

Owain's first lessons plans have now been uploaded, together with some plans that have been produced by our members at IH Split. To access these lesson plans, members simply need to login to the GSS website. Needless to say we would encourage everyone to use the plans in their original, digital format rather than print them!

We would also like to invite other GSS members to contribute lesson plans, for the benefit of all members. This isn't something we want anyone to feel obliged to do, but we're sure there are some great ideas out there that deserve to be shared. 

For further information please write to info@greenstandardschools.org