Greystone Colleges

widen the scope of GSS

We are often asked if Green Standard Schools accreditation is only available to language schools. Our answer is that while our accreditation system was designed specifically with language schools in mind, other schools are welcome to apply; and over the past two or three years we have received applications from several different kinds of educational institutions, including state-run primary schools, and higher education colleges.

We have recently received applications from two of the Greystone Colleges that are members of the ILSC Group. Both colleges offer study programs designed to help students achieve their career goals by developing their academic and practical skills. Subjects offered include Business, Technology, Digital Marketing, Hospitality, Project Management, Leadership, and English Teaching, and they often include a practical work placement component. But while delivered in English, these are not English language courses, so they differ in that respect from most of the courses offered by other GSS accredited members.  

We are delighted that these two vocational colleges have adopted a wide range of environmentally sustainable policies are we are very pleased to announce that both Greystone College Melbourne and Greystone College Vancouver are now fully accredited members of our association.

We look forward to hearing more about their environmental action in the coming weeks and months.